Garage Hobbyist Episode 2: Learn to Weld

In this episode I discuss why I believe anyone with a home workshop should learn basic welding skills.  In addition to being a great hobby, welding is an extremely useful skill when it comes to home workshops.  It will allow you to repair your shop equipment, outdoor power equipment, trailers, and anything else made of steel around your workshop and home.  

Welding doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, and equipment is available that fits almost any budget.  In fact, the welder will most likely pay for itself after the first repair you make!

It is up to you to decide whether welding is just another tool to you, or an entire new hobby in itself!

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Metabo HPT Grinder

Simder Mig 140 Flux Core/Stick Welder

YesWelder Large View Welding Hood

YesWelder 125 Amp Stick Welder


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