Level Up Your Cut with a Portable Band Saw Table

Portable band saws are great tools. Band saws are quiet, quick, and fairly clean. They become even more useful when used with a portable band saw table. Using a table with your saw will unlock its full potential for accurate cuts and complex shapes and curves. After you have added a portable band saw to your selection of metal cutting tools, getting a table for it is the next logical step. Read on to see the benefits of adding one to your saw.

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What is a Portable Band Saw Table?

You may be wondering what exactly a portable band saw table is, and what it does.  In short, a portable band saw table will turn your saw into a stationary tool, much like a traditional woodworking band saw.

saw table, or stand, will give you a solid base to fix your portable saw to.  It offers stability and accuracy from a tool that is otherwise meant for hand held rough cuts.

The stand can be designed to clamp into a bench vise, or have legs and be free standing.  Some designs are nothing more than a flat plate with an opening cut into it for the blade, while others have slots like a table saw to allow the use of miter gauges and other accessories.

Swag V3.0 Saw Table

Benefits of a Portable Band Saw Table

A portable band saw table allows you to do several things that would be difficult otherwise.  Hand holding your saw is great for quick rough cuts, or breaking down long pieces of stock, but its not the best for precise or complex cuts.  

A portable band saw table will allow you to use your portable saw with the blade vertical.  When used like this with a sturdy base, complex shapes and curves can be easily achieved. Both of your hands are free to maneuver your work piece accurately through the blade. For example, if you are looking to cut out some small 5 pointed stars to decorate a project, and portable band saw table makes it a quick and easy job.

Gussets and small filler pieces are easy to cut out.  If your table model allows for the use of a miter gauge, almost any angle can be cut and repeated, providing the best accuracy possible.

If you are a scrap metal artist, being able to easily and quickly cut various shapes out of scrap steel sheet comes in very handy.

Portable Band Saw Table Limitations

While a portable band saw table will improve the function and accuracy of your portable band saw, there are still some limitations

First, you are still limited to the saw’s depth of cut, which is usually around 5 inches.  Because of this limitation, cutting large pieces out of sheet metal and plate isn’t really possible.  On the other hand, you can easily cut smaller pieces you probably couldn’t cut by hand holding the saw.  A portable band saw table will also allow you to complex shapes and curves on small pieces very easily.

In addition, cutting pieces from very long stock can be a bit challenging.  The table size is relatively small, and long pieces of stock will hang off the edge.  In order to ensure a safe and accurate cut, any overhanging stock must be properly supported during the cut.  Depending on space and what you have on hand, finding ways to support the stock you are cutting can be frustrating.

Commercially Available Portable Band Saw Tables

Swag Off Road V3.0 and V4.0 Portaband Table

One of the most popular options is the Swag Off Road portable band saw table.  They offer several versions to fit almost any portable band saw.  Make sure you get the correct version for your saw.

I use the Wen portable band saw with the Swag Off Road V3.0 portaband table.  This is a sturdy table, and it has two miter gauge slots in the top.  It is free standing, and light enough to easily move around the shop and put it away when not needed. 

Portable band saw table miter gauge

Another great feature of this table is the way the saw mounts.  The mounting plate mounts where the factory guide plate was installed on the saw, and then is held into the table with a thumb screw.  This allows you to remove your saw from the table with one thumb screw and use it hand held.

Portable Band Saw Table Mount

I would highly recommend using a footswitch with this table.  It offers greater control, and an added measure of safety.

The V4.0 doesn’t offer any additional features.  It fits a few other Milwaukee saw models that the V3.0 does not.

Swag Off Road V1.0

The Swag Off Road V1.0 portaband table is not a freestanding table.  Instead, there is a lip on the edge of the table that can be clamped in a bench vise.  This is a cheaper and smaller option than the V3.0. 

While you can use the portable band saw with the table still attached, keep in mind it is large and bulky compared to the mounting plate of the V3.0 and may get in the way if working in a tight area.

It is important to have a large vise with this plate. Ensure the swivel base locks down tight. You don’t want the vise turning or the plate slipping when making cuts. Any movement when cutting could be dangerous.

DIY Portable Band Saw Tables

If you are looking for a project, it is possible to fabricate your own portable band saw table.  There are many videos and how-to’s on the web to help you along the way.

This Instructable offers a step by step guide for making a portable band saw table that includes a base and arm that holds the saw.  You may need to adjust this design to your saw model.

Another interesting and space saving idea is this YouTube video showing a wall mounted band saw table.  This one keeps the saw easily removable from the wall holder.  Once again, you may need to adjust measurements to your specific saw model.

Final Thoughts

Using a portable band saw table makes your portable saw more versatile and accurate.  While commercial options can be as much or more than the saw itself, the added benefits are worth it if you already have the saw. Everyone who owns a portable band saw should seriously consider buying or making a table for their saw to unlock the tool’s full potential.

This page contains affiliate links in which we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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