Spyder Hole Saw Kit 600887: A Great Base Kit

The Spyder Hole Saw kit comes in at a great price point for the home workshop. It features Spyder’s “Rapid Core Eject” arbor system and has a size range from ¾” to 2 ½”. This Bi-Metal tipped set offers a useful size range and the ability to cut a variety of materials.

First Impressions of the Spyder Hole Saw Kit, 600887

First impressions of the Spyder hole saw kit are generally good. The bright orange case is sturdy and has two stout latches keeping it securely shut. The labels are colorful, and clearly show what is included and the features of this hole saw kit.


Spyder Hole Saw Kit Front
Spyder Hole Saw Kit Rear

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Upon opening the Spyder hole saw kit, you are greeted by satin black saws sitting cutting side up neatly in molded holes. Each hole saw has the Spyder logo screen printed in light blue down the side. Additionally, each saw has the size stamped into it in both SAE, and metric, measurements. The fact that they are stamped means they will not wear off with use, which is a plus. 

My only minor gripe is that the sizes can be hard to read depending on the lighting and viewing angle. This can be fixed with a little paint set in the indentations.

What is included?

The Spyder hole saw kit, 600887, is advertised as 13 pieces. Making up the 13 pieces are 2 drill bits (⅜”, ½”), 2 arbors (⅜”, ½”), and 9 hole saws (¾”, ⅞”, 1 ⅛”, 1 ⅜”, 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ⅛”, 2 ¼”, and 2 ½”).

  • 2 drill bits, ⅜” and ½”
  • 2 arbors, ⅜” and ½”
  • 9 hole saws, ¾”, ⅞”, 1 ⅛”, 1 ⅜”, 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ⅛”, 2 ¼”, and 2 ½”
  • Insert showing recommended RPM for various hole saw sizes and materials
  • Molded case

The case and RPM insert are not counted towards the kit.

Additional hole saw sizes are available through retailers up to 6 ⅝”. Arbors are the same through the line, so as long as you have the correct size arbor you can use hole saws from Spyder’s other lines.

Spyder Hole Saw Kit Contents

Rapid Core Eject

The main feature of this Spyder hole saw kit, and the entire Spyder line, are the Rapid Core Eject arbors. They claim tool less removal of the material left inside the hole saw after cutting a hole.  In my experience this holds true.

With this system, the hole saw is threaded on the arbor.  On the ⅜” arbor there are only threads, while the ½” arbor has threads and 2 spring loaded locking pins. The extra security of the locking pins on the larger sizes is a nice feature, as it keeps the hole saw from loosening or spinning off after a sudden stop.

After the hole saw is installed on the arbor, the arbor slides of the respective drill bit. The drill bits have a groove machined into them that a detent in the arbor securely locks into.  You are now ready to drill your hole.

Once your hole is drilled, you press the Spyder logo button on the arbor and slide the hole saw back towards your drill. This action pushes the core of material in the saw out towards the end of the drill bit, and finally off the end.  

This system works well, and I don’t remember ever needing to use a screwdriver to get a core out. If for some reason you do need to use a tool to remove a core, the Spyder hole saws have generous openings on the sides.

Spyder Hole Saw

The Rapid Core Eject system works well in a drill press, allowing easy removal of the core without having to remove the hole saw.  This hole saw kit gets extra points for ease of drill press use.  If you don’t have a drill press, check out our used drill press buying guide.

Spyder Hole Saw
Core in hole saw after making the hole
Spyder Hole Saw Kit in Use
Rapid Core Eject in action. Push the button and slide the hole saw up to expose the core.

Spyder Hole Saw Kit in Use

The Bi-Metal hole saw kit, 600887, featured in this review is rated for wood, pvc, plastic, metal, and sheet rock.  It is important to note that Spyder offers a Carbide tipped line of hole saws, however they are not rated for metal. I work with multiple materials in my shop, and for this reason chose to go with the Bi-Metal tipped version. If you don’t work with metal, the carbide tipped offering is worth looking into.  

I have owned this kit for just over a year and have had the chance to use it on wood, metal, and pvc. It has excelled in all three of these materials, and the rapid core eject system worked great. 

All of the holes I have made have been clean, with little to no clean up necessary.  

When using the Spyder hole saw kit on metal, it is important to use low RPM and cutting oil to lubricate and cool off the saw.

My hole saw remained sharp after cutting holes in 11 gauge metal. After one year of moderate use, I can confidently say this hole saw kit was a good purchase, and I see it lasting for quite a while with proper use.

Finished hole


Overall, I have been happy with the purchase of this Spyder hole saw kit. It has met my expectations, especially for the price point. I believe it is one of the best kits for the garage hobbyist, and is a great base kit to build off of. Additional sizes are readily available, and affordable.

I have kept my kit in its plastic case, even though it is a bit large. The Rapid Core Eject system works well and truly allows for tool less removal, which saves time and aggravation. The hole saws provide clean holes in multiple materials, and they do it quickly.

The sizes can be difficult to read at times, however that can be fixed with a little thinned paint dropped in the stampings, I just haven’t done it yet.  

We give the Spyder hole saw kit a 4 out of 5.


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